Govanhill Baths Culture Collective:

Ros Fraser

Ros is a radio and digital artist, interested in the intimacy of audio and the ability of projections and sound to transport us. Her sound work spans installations, documentary, podcast series and film. She wants to create sound design that feels visceral, playful and fosters empathy.

A serial question asker, Ros’s past sound topics have explored; what happens to our brain chemistry when we listen to music? How will we date and fall in love 20 years from now? And what does it take to speak out?

Alongside this, Ros has developed hologram and light show projects, working with Montreal’s Digital Arts Festival; Chromatic as well as community groups. Self-taught, Ros uses open-source softwares to make work, and wants to demystify what it means to use tech. Her aim is to bring people along with her to feel encouraged to experiment and self-express, using sound and light.