Ros Fraser: Biog

The first Dreamlands publication, Mina Heydari-Waite, August 2022.

The second edition of the Dreamlands publication, Mina Heydari-Waite, March 2023.

Remembering The Future

These questions are linked to the intrinsic role of the arts as providers of visibility. Arts transform the meaning of objects and actions by contextualising elements within human problems, bringing to the surface what was previously invisible.

SORRY! Fully Booked. This 3-part workshop series will explore how to record and collect sounds of nature, as well as use different recording techniques to record sounds of the body.

Free to women from global majority backgrounds interested in learning new skills and develop their creativity through history and artefacts of the Govanhill area. Weekly on Wednesday, 10am to 12noon
18 January to 22 March 2023.

We want to collect images of the places, the people and the moments which speak to, and celebrate, what is special about Govanhill from the perspective of those who live here!

Dreamlands: An Exhibition

2-5 Mar 2023
An installation of collaborative ceramic works and a new, sensory sound piece made in Dreamlands community workshops.

Come join for a special Valentine’s group lunch and hear live readings and performances, as well as multi-language sound pieces. Tues 14 Feb 2023, 13:00 – 15:30

Dreamlands: The Audio Cinema was a sharing of immersive sound pieces and audio stories (listen opposite) exploring the potential of dream states.