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Save Our Pool: 2001 to 2004

This section is home to all the Save Our Pool campaign materials including: the Save Our Pool website, the Poolside Guardian, placards, banners, t-shirts, flyers and posters, a twenty-eight page document critiquing the City’s decision to close (published just weeks into the campaign), a protest song book and CD, picket rotas, letters to local and national government (some with reply) and including a letter requesting the resignation of the then Lord Provost. We have photo and video documentation of the picket, the 1000 strong march against closure in Govanhill and the demonstration at the city chambers. There was huge public interest in the campaign – reflected in over 150 newspaper clippings. We have the report from the detailed consultation carried out by Save Our Pool with former users of the Baths on the impact of closure and what they thought the future of the pool should and materials from the two day community conference, Making Waves, which looked at the impact campaigns can make locally and globally.

If you where involved with the Save Our Pool campaign and would like to share your experiences or access material please get in touch.