Moseley Road Baths Collaboration

Moseley Road Baths is as precious to the Brummies as Govanhill Baths is to us Weegies. The great Benjamin Zephaniah, Birmingham poet, playwright, author and actor swam at Moseley Road as a

Like Govanhill, it’s an Edwardian Municipal Swimming Baths- no steamie, sauna or Turkish but it had slipper baths and while our library is just down the road, theirs is part of the Baths building.
Moseley Road is in the Balsall Heath area of Birmingham, a diverse and ever evolving community– a bit like Govanhill. We were delighted to be invited to take part in their Bathcast project organised
by their Young Curators.

Recognising that both Govanhill and Moseley Road Baths serve a large South Asian Community we commissioned Samar Jamal to make a sound piece Resilience in Waves Maya Uppal a poem Day 139. When we met the team from Moseley we kind of bonded over slipper baths and commissioned local artist Amelia Rowe to make a ceramic scaled model of a slipper bath with soap, taps and plug.

Both Govanhill and Moseley Road baths are historic listed buildings. Built for the industrial working class over a century ago– incredibly important parts of our built heritage, just as important as the stately manors and castles. Both have been saved by, and are now run by, their local communities. Each have inspiring art and well-being programmes, provide access and participation in their heritage building and are committed to providing swimming once their respective refurbishments are complete. In Birmingham and Glasgow, United We Will

The final episode of the series was created in collaboration with Govanhill Baths in Glasgow.

The Young Curators team up to Scotland to record the final episode of the podcast which features a conversation between comedian Rachel Baker and archivist Paula Larkin from Govanhill Baths. You can listen to the episode here.