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Govanhill 1917-2017 Centenary

A series of events organised to celebrate the centenary of the opening of the Baths on 28th February 1917. This included: Glasgow Govanhill Baths 1917 exhibition, Scotland’s Urban Past workshops and the Public Health and The Built Environment conference.

Govanhill Glasgow 1917, 28 Feb – 16 Sept 2017

Govanhill Glasgow 1917 a multimedia exhibition in the foyer of the baths which included images, song, text and film which explored the demographic of Glasgow, including the Irish, Jewish and Italian communities and considered: housing; transport; industry; schools; cinemas and other leisure activities of the people of that time.

Joining Up: Scotland, cinema and the First World War from Maria Velez-Serna on Vimeo.

Scotland’s Urban Past (SUP)

SUP delivered a series of workshops with pupils from Annette St Primary School, Sheltered Housing tenants of Govanhill Housing Association and staff/volunteers of GBCT. The workshops took place between May and November 2017. Scotland’s Urban Past is an Historic Environment Scotland five year national heritage project.

Scotland’s Urban Past Website

Scotland’s Urban Past Facebook Page

Historic Environment Scotland Website

We also collaborated with Glasgow City Archives and there was intergenerational work between Annette St primary pupils and sheltered housing tenants of GHA.

Urban Detective workshops with Annette St primary 6/7 class, 30 May 2017

Workshop 1: looking at historic maps, identifying buildings in Govanhill of interest to the pupils, group drawings of buildings

Workshop 2: digital photography workshop, then out taking photographs of Govanhill Park, Govanhill Library and Govanhill Baths.

Afternoon tea with older residents of Govanhill Housing Association, 1 June 2017

Workshop 3: historic map reading and photographs with SUP team and presentation by Dr Irene O’Brien, Archivist, Glasgow City Archives, on the history of Glasgow and the records available to the public.

Oral history interviews, 6 June 2017

Workshop 4: oral history workshop with Annette St primary pupils enabling them to think of the sorts of questions they would ask an older resident of Govanhill, training with the video camera and sound equipment.

Workshop 5: older residents from Govanhill Housing Association and pupils from Annette St primary visit Govanhill Baths to see the exhibition and make the oral history recordings. The pupils interview the older residents and record on video.
The digital photographs and the video recordings from the above workshops are with Annette St Primary. We will be getting copies to be put on the GBCT website and catalogued in the archive.

Urban Detective workshops with GBCT staff/volunteers, Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Workshop 6: looking at historic maps, identifying buildings in Govanhill of interest to the group, digital photography training, taking photographs of Govanhill and uploading to the national record.