Occupy! Occupy! Occupy!

It has been twenty years since Glasgow City Council threatened to close Govanhill Baths for good. Residents of the community rallied together and on the 21st of March 2001, a dozen protestors entered the Baths and chained themselves to the cubicles.

The Baths were occupied for 140 days, with a 24 hour picket outside – the longest occupation of a public building in British history. The campaigners were from all parts of the community – a real cross-section of people working together to save their local baths. You can still see the original Save Our Pool website which was created at the start of the campaign in 2001 here.

On the 7th August mounted police were sent to forcefully remove the group, in what has become known as The Battle of Calder Street. The Save Our Pool campaign continued and in December 2004 Govanhill Baths Community Trust was established. Since then the Trust has been campaigning and fundraising to reopen the Baths as a Wellbeing Centre – contractors are in place and the work is about to begin!

To celebrate what was the beginning of one of the most powerful stories of community action in Scotland’s history, we are hosting a series of exciting projects throughout the year.

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Save Our Pool Songs

This CD was produced during the occupation of Govanhill Baths from the 21st March – 7th August 2001, it is accompanied by a Song Book.

The songs use the tunes of popular songs with lyrics written by members of the Save Our Pool campaign. Every Wednesday evening the songs would be sung on the 24hr picket outside the Baths to show solidarity and keep the spirits up of those inside.

Alistair Hulett was key, you can find out more about his life and legacy at https://www.alistairhulett.com/

Online Banners & Occupation Exhibition

This exhibition showcases banners used during the 24-hour picket outside the baths in 2001. The picket took the occupation into the street, and was vital to the success of the campaign to save the baths. These banners are shown alongside new community banners commissioned by Govanhill Baths Community Trust, as well as photographs and press clippings from the occupation.