Occupy! Occupy! Occupy!

A festival to celebrate 20 years since the occupation of Govanhill Baths.



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Govanhill Baths has received funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund which will be used to provide learning and outreach opportunities. We will be carrying out both online and postal activities for the duration of the lockdown period to help promote engagement in the community. We will collect and retain information about participants for the duration of the lockdown period to ensure the safety of online participants, and to enable us to demonstrate to our funders how we have achieved our goals as outlined above. Your contact details will only be added to our mailing list if you give us authorisation to do so. Individual information will be anonymised for the production of reports to our funders. Data will be stored in an encrypted Google Drive file which is only accessible by GBCT staff. The recordings and photographs of the Zoom sessions will be used by GBCT to promote future events and also to report back to funders. They will also be passed on to facilitators who may wish to use them to promote future projects. All personal data will be deleted if you inform us that you would like us to do so.