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Save Our Pool Songs

This CD was produced during the occupation of Govanhill Baths from the 21st March – 7th August 2001, it is accompanied by a Song Book.

The songs use the tunes of popular songs with lyrics written by members of the Save Our Pool campaign. Every Wednesday evening the songs would be sung on the 24hr picket outside the Baths to show solidarity and keep the spirits up of those inside.

Alistair Hulett was key, you can find out more about his life and legacy at

United We Will Swim… Again

This short film tells the incredible story of the community’s fight to save the pool and bring it back to life. It’s one of Glasgow’s famous political stories and is brought to life in this inspiring documentary, with original footage from the protest and interviews with the key activists involved. The film aims to inspire and motivate community engagement and action in the hope that ordinary people will assert their power and challenge short sighted local government decisions.

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Other Videos

We have a number of videos available on our Facebook and YouTube pages covering various activities and events Govanhill Baths has held throughout the years.

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