Who We Are

Living Wage Employer

Govanhill Baths is proud to be a living wage employer


The GBCT Board consists of up to 12 members with the option to co-opt up to three directors (included in the 12). The members are elected annually at the AGM.

Jean Adair


A local resident for over 60 years, Jean is a retired medical receptionist. She is actively involved with local Community Councils, and runs a knitting club at the Baths.

Frances Diver

Director & Secretary

A campaigner since 2001, and organiser of ‘Open Doors’ events. Frances, a retired art teacher, also runs our pottery classes as part of the Baths Wellbeing Programme.

Savio D’Souza


Savio was originally involved in the pool campaign during the time of the occupation and helped have the issue raised at Westminster by the Culture Select Committee who recognised the importance of the pool for the ethnic minority community. 20 years on he is proud to be back to support the first part of the completion. He brings 35 years experience in health and social care to help ensure the building works as a new health living centre.

Derek Marchant


A Chartered Accountant with over 25 years experience, Derek has worked in various Financial Director roles in the private, public and third sectors. Derek’s main role currently is as Head of Finance of the largest College comprising the University of Glasgow. Derek was a regular swimmer in the Baths and is committed to applying his commercial and financial experience to the successful growth of the Trust and reopening of the historic building.

Alex Wilde

Director & Chair

Alex Lives locally and has been involved in the campaign for 14 years. She has worked across Glasgow in the voluntary sector on arts and community food projects since graduating from the art school in 2001. Currently she is studying city planning and works in walking and cycling infrastructure.

Vivienne Wilson


A Communications and Engagement Officer at NHS Health Scotland, Vivienne focuses on tackling health inequalities. A member of the Steering Group for Digital Leaders Scotland.