Who We Are

Living Wage Employer

Govanhill Baths is proud to be a living wage employer


The GBCT Board consists of 17 members. 12 members are elected annually by the AGM, one staff representative (non-executive) and two are co-opted.

Jean Adair


A local resident for over 60 years, Jean is a retired medical receptionist. She is actively involved with local
Community Councils, and runs a knitting club at the Baths.

Joe Beaver


A community councillor and graduate in Management, Technology and Enterprise. Joe has been volunteering with various charities for over 20 years.

Frances Diver

Director & Secretary

A campaigner since 2001, and organiser of ‘Open Doors’ events. Frances, a retired art teacher, also runs our pottery classes as part of the Baths Wellbeing Programme.

Qasim Khan


An active campaigner to save the Baths since he was 14 years old. Quasim is now a local business man with a number of varying portfolios.

Donnie McFadden


A carer and disability rights activist, involved since 2001, Donnie has lived in Govanhill for most of his life and has served as the Chair of local community action groups.

Niall Murphy


An architect, who now focuses exclusively on conservation. Niall is actively involved with city-wide Heritage Trusts & planning councils. He hosts award-winning walking tours.

Alan Walsh


A music producer and sound engineer, Alan has lived locally for 24 years. He currently works for a local organic food supplier, Locavore.

Alex Wilde

Director & Chair

Alex is a local artist who’s practice is rooted in community engagement, specifically working in health, education and disability sectors.

Vivienne Wilson


A Communications and Engagement Officer at NHS Health Scotland, Vivienne focuses on tackling health inequalities. A member of the Steering Group for Digital Leaders Scotland.

Non-Executive Trustees

Emily Beardsmore

Director (non-executive)

Emily believes everyone has the power to change their lives and of those around them. She is passionate about tackling inequality, particularly for women, young people and the disadvantaged. Emily was a trustee of the British Youth Council for three years before being elected as Chair of the board for two years. She was also a member of Girlguiding and a Governance Development Officer at the British Red Cross. She lived and worked for a number of years in Pakistan and Sudan.

Ann Conacher

Director (non-executive)

Grew up in Angus. Ann has an MA in French and Russian and a Master in Public Health, both from the University of Glasgow. She has worked for the NHS since 1998, currently as a project manager based in NHS Health Scotland. She has managed the Scottish Public Health Network since 2006, which undertakes national projects on a variety of public health issues

Carl Fenelon

Director (non-executive)

Originally from Birmingham, Carl has spent more years living in Glasgow. He is employed as a hospital-based pharmacist with a range of duties including service evaluation, practice research and audit. He has lived in the Queens Park area for 14 years. He is keen to see resources for all develop in the area, which is one of the many reasons for supporting Govanhill Baths’ restoration.

Adam Gandy

Director (non-executive)

Adam is an artist, writer and sculpture technician based in Glasgow since 2014. Born in Canada, Adam lived and worked in Munich for two years before moving to Govanhill where he became involved with Govanhill Baths through the ceramics workshops. With a keen interest in community-based initiatives, he has worked with public art and artist-run initiative in Canada, and the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshops.

Gerry Hassan

Director (non-executive)

Gerry lives locally and is a Scottish writer, commentator and academic. He is currently Senior Research Fellow in contemporary Scottish History at the University of Dundee. He is an associate for Demos. where he led their Scotland 2020 and Glasgow 2020 programmes and OpenDemocracy. He has written widely in the Scottish and UK press on topics and issues related to the United Kingdom, particularly Scotland.

Mhairi Hunter

Director (non-executive)

Soryia Siddique

Director (non-executive)

Fatima Uygun

Director (non-executive)

Fatima has been involved in the campaign to save the Baths and as a volunteer for 14 years. She was appointed as manager of GBCT in 2015.