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Govanhill Baths Steamie RIBA Stage 1.0 Report

Hall Black Douglas (2020)

Feasibility study in relation to the redevelopment of the Govanhill Baths Steamie and appendices.

Download Report (PDF 35mb)

Appendix 7.1: Govanhill Baths Updated Phase 2 feasibility Study brief 2020-01-30

Download Appendix 7.1 (PDF 140kb)

Appendix 7.2: Govanhill Food Hub: The Pantry Business Plan

Download Appendix 7.2 (PDF 140kb)

Appendix 7.3: Govanhill Baths Refurbishment –Steamie Feasibility Stage 1 MEP Report

Download Appendix 7.3 (PDF 6mb)