This year the Govanhill International Festival and Carnival returned: bigger, brighter and more vibrant than ever before!

While GIFC started as a carnival, parade and weekend of music back in 2016, it has since blossomed and grown into a two-week long celebration of the richness and diversity of the flourishing arts and culture scene in Govanhill!

This year the programme held talks, music, workshops, film, exhibitions, theatre, heritage events and guided walks. We also welcomed back our Carnival and Parade which saw our biggest turnout yet! We were thrilled to be able to bring back our Street Music Festival for its third year – becoming a much-loved highlight of the festival.

Govanhill International Festival and Carnival is, and will always be, an anti-racist festival: celebrating the contributions immigrants have made to a community that is home to people of 40+ nationalities speaking 60+ languages.

Join us again next year for events everyone can enjoy and which will bring us together to share in and appreciate the different stories, talents and histories of all those who have made Govanhill their home…

Thanks to Susanna Hotham for some wonderful photos from this year’s event which you can check out below!