An exciting opportunity exists for a well qualified and creative person to join the team of staff and volunteers at the Govanhill Baths Community Trust (GBCT). We are looking to recruit an Arts Co-ordinator to develop and coordinate the delivery of the Govanhill Baths Arts (GBArt) Programme.

Applicants will be required to outline, by referring to the job description and specification, their relevant experience, qualifications and information as to why they believe they are the right person for the post and what they can bring to the ongoing development of the Govanhill Baths Trust.

Deadline for applications is 9:00am 09 July 2020. Interviews will be held on 13 July 2020.

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With the ethos of strengthening the community resilience through peer support and joint learning, Govanhill Baths Community Trust has been actively engaging with the Somali Association in Glasgow, the Friends of Romano Lav and the local Irish community to strengthen their organisations during the pandemic.

We have secured Wellbeing funding which is being used by the organisations towards hiring and training community workers, drivers and activity facilitators, as well as covering the costs for volunteer expenses, the distribution of food and Mother and Toddler packs. Their community workers are developing, together with our Learning and Outreach officer, fun and educational activity packs that the whole family can enjoy. Irish residents have now access to a befriending and signposting program.

We are also developing a series of training sessions on how to engage the community through virtual platforms, building on and sharing the successful experiences we’ve had so far. Please get in touch if you would like to learn more about this initiative: email

We are sorry to announce that due to unforeseen circumstances we are delaying the launch of the People’s Pantry. We are hoping to be able to open it in the first part of July.  For more information please email:

We aim to provide crucial wellbeing support to members of the Irish community who may be experiencing difficulties at this time.

We can offer:

  • Telephone befriending
  • Support you to access services
  • Access to the Govanhill Baths Wellbeing Packs and
  • Provision of food from The People’s Pantry

The type of support provided will be tailored to the needs of the individual on a one-to-one basis. Get in touch, even for a chat and let us know how we can help you.

Text/call: 07751 294302



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Govanhill Baths will always be committed to being anti-racist and standing in solidarity with anti-racists here and internationally, and in challenging racism, prejudice and bigotry. Our history and traditions are informed by bringing people together to advance change, to challenge injustice and to oppose racism and discrimination – and supporting others in doing so.

Govanhill Baths has a long record of being at the centre of the community it serves, supports and works with. We have through the decades been proud to reflect the rich diversity and multi-cultural character of Govanhill: an area often called Glasgow’s Ellis Island. As the first port of sanctuary and settlement for people coming to this city from all over the world looking for refuge and a better life, Govanhill has a reputation for inclusivity and welcoming incomers.

Across those years the people of Govanhill and those associated with the Baths have stood in solidarity with those who opposed anti-Irish prejudice in the 1920s and 1930s, with anti-fascist campaigners in the 1930s and 1940s, anti-racism activists in the 1970s and 1980s, and with the Roma community who came to the area in the past two decades.

Since 2001 Govanhill Baths has evolved through the initial ‘Save Our Pool’ campaign into a community-run hub and centre for local regeneration, creativity and culture, and health and wellbeing. In all the work we do we aim to put anti-racism and support for diversity and multi-culturalism at the core of what we do – the difference we try to make and the values we embody.

In this spirit and tradition Govanhill Baths supports unequivocally Black Lives Matter: its campaign, cause and principles. This is both an international inspiration, and one relevant to the UK, Scotland, Glasgow and Govanhill. Black Lives Matter has to be embedded in what we do and what we demand of others in putting anti-racism and black and ethnic minority people at the centre of our services and work, listening and respecting people who face discrimination and racism daily and structurally, and working to challenge those attitudes and systems.

Govanhill Baths commits to continuing to work to put such values at the heart of all we do, to work in solidarity with others, and to continually assess and re-evaluate all of our work to make the maximum difference. The tradition of Govanhill International Festival and Carnival to take one example is now in its fourth year, and has platformed our commitment to diversity, anti-racism, celebrating multi-culturalism, and aiding the many different voices of our community find a platform and respect.
Govanhill Baths stands in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. We believe we can live in a world without racism and racial inequality, and invite others to be part of that world with us.

Black Lives Matter