Govanhill Baths opened to the public, for the first time, on 28th February 1917. As we move towards the second grand re-opening in
2019, Govanhill Baths Community Trust is celebrating the last hundred years of the Baths and Govanhill. A series of commissions, workshops, events and exhibitions are planned over 10 weeks from the anniversary onwards.

28TH FEB – 6pm – Launch of ‘Before the Bikini to the Burkini’, an exhibition showcasing the swimming costumes over the last 100 hundred years worn by users of the facility. Swimming costumes designed and made by Amelia Rowe and Gabby Cullen, in association with Rags to Riches.  Exhibition runs until 27th March.

28th FEB – 8th MAY 2017 Govanhill 1917 – What was it like?  What was Govanhill like c. 1917, what was Glasgow like? We present a multimedia exhibition which looks at the demographic, including the Irish, Jewish and Italian communities and considers: housing; transport; industry; schools; cinemas and other leisure activities of the people of that time.

We will be collaborating with a number of organisations and in April there will be a series of workshops with school pupils and older
residents culminating in an extended exhibition from 1st – 8th May. If you are interested in taking part or have any photographs or other materials from this time please get in touch with Paula –

protest banners


25TH MAR – 12-5pm – HISTORIC TOURS OF THE BATHS Join us on Saturday 25 March for a tour of the building and open day.  Characters from Govanhill’s history will take you around the building while telling the story of Govanhill and it’s wonderful Edwardian Bath-House

03RD APR – 6pm – Launch of a specially commissioned banner to commemorate the hundred year history of Govanhill Baths.