Big Lottery funds more baths refurbishments

Big Lottery Funds More Baths Refurbishments

Posted: 22nd Aug. 2012 By Andrew Johnson

The Big Lottery Awards for All fund is supporting us once again in our next development venture. When the front suite of the baths was formally opened in February this year our plan was to re-open and refurbish its remaining spaces within two years. However, the demand for using the newly opened suite, that includes the foyer, community kitchen and meeting rooms, has exceeded all expectations and we need more space quickly. So, with Big Lottery help we have moved swiftly to re-open the two derelict offices and meeting room in the front suite. They will be for use by the community, our social enterprise projects and Centre for Community Practice educational programmes.

The meeting room is a special space since it contains a bank of cupboards that were originally installed in 1917 when the baths were opened. They have been used over the decades by the various clubs and groups for their equipment. In particular the Kingston Club, housed at the baths for 30 years before the closure in 2001, stored its member’s equipment their. Work is now almost complete through our ever-reliable and generous contractors Kinnaird Construction working again to the ever efficient design and drawings of NORD Architecture our sponsors. Mention also has to be made of the most incredible voluntary work completed by Liam and his team of volunteers who have spent two weeks “stripping out” the derelict offices making them ready for the contractors to move in and complete the refurbishment. A feat that has saved us several thousands of pounds! The schedule is to re-open the new offices and have them up and running in time for the Doors Open Days on 15th September when they can be viewed.
So, another milestone, with the learners/toddlers pool scheduled to open for business in November through the generous NTS “legacy”, this promises to be an exciting autumn.

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