Workers Past and Present: Recent Appointments Make 9 Jobs at The Trust!

Workers Past And Present: Recent Appointments Make 9 Jobs At The Trust!

Posted: 21st Oct. 2011 By Andrew Johnson

We won't be asking our new workers to balance quite so precariously over the corner of the main pool as these Govanhill Baths workers from 80 years ago were asked so to do!
Three new appointments have recently been made within the Trust. Dr Helen Ross has joined as the new manager of the Centre for Community Practice following the reluctant departure of Dr Heather Lynch for family reasons. The Trust wish Heather every success in her future and gratefully acknowledge the energy, commitment and drive that she gave to the manager’s post. Helen’s background is in Scottish History and Social Research, and she is keen to advance community-based research in Govanhill and to continue and add to the Centre’s various programmes. Keighley Kerr has joined the Trust as an administrative assistant and Lisa Heidinger has joined the Emporium as a retail assistant. Both Keighley and Lisa’s posts are funded through the Scottish Government’s Community Jobs Scotland Fund. The Trust is delighted to welcome these members of staff whom they are confident will be dedicated and conscientious employees. These appointments mark new milestones in the Trust’s growth and development. 9 people (full and part time) are now employed and some 15 sessional workers have joined us in the last year. The fundamental purpose of the Trust is to reopen the baths and contribute to the social, cultural and built regeneration of Govanhill. Providing work for local people that contributes to this purpose is fundamental for the Trust.

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