Sonic Soak

Sonic Soak

Posted: 6th Sept. 2010 By Govanhill Baths

The Art and Regeneration Team in association with 85A put on another highly acclaimed and successful event in the Baths. A two day festival of sound and music took place on the 21st and 22nd of August bringing together a kaleidoscopic shoal of musicians, sound artists, orators, costumed performers, sculptures and local film makers in the echoing acoustics of the cavernous Govanhill Baths.

People came from all over Glasgow and beyond to experience an eccentric arrangement of local musical and choral talents. The Acts were selected and the event programmed by renegade Glasgow sound and art collective 85A

The main pool was carpeted for the weekend and it was a fantastic sight to see everyone relaxing on the floor of the pool listening to the sounds of drums, piano, voices, a cello and other strange instruments as they echoed round the pool. The event enabled people to experience and occupy the Baths in a different way as well as raising the profile of the campaign.

“Amazing day out. So much fun to dress up and soak up the sounds”

Funded by a Cultural Grant from Glasgow City Council it was only made possible with massive in kind support from GBCT, 85a, Spruce Carpets, Pointless Creations, The Arts Tree, Sound Art Pro Audio, James Veitch, Jamie Grier and all the performers.

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Sonic Soak Sonic Soak

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