Swimming at Govanhill Baths

After 16 years, swimming has finally returned to Govanhill Baths.  Our Learner Pool has been in use since January 2017, and we been busy setting up a variety of new programmes.  We have begun a Learn to Swim programme for young children and our first term finishes at the end of March, and we will be starting the new term in April – further details can be found below.  We have also been delivering women only swimming lessons to targeted groups, and will be opening up some new classes for people who are in receipt of benefits or working tax credit – see below.

Our pool is totally private, and the changing area will be closed to the general public while the pool is in use.

Learn To Swim

We are running a Learn to Swim programme for young children.  Currently, lessons run on Mondays and Saturdays for a range of age-groups from baby to around 7 or 8 years old.  Classes are delivered in small groups, allowing the teacher(s) to focus on the learners and tailor the lesson accordingly.

Where the class requires an adult in the pool, this can be any adult that knows the child well –  Mum, Dad, Granny, Grandad, Auntie, Uncle – we don’t really have any restrictions on who this is.  Where classes are catering for single sex sessions, this will be clearly stated.

Lessons are booked in a block of 8-10 weeks, and lesson fees are payable in advance – cash or cheques (payable to Govanhill Baths Community Trust).

To book a class, please email swimming@govanhillbaths.com with details of which class, day and time you are interested in.  Please also let us know your child’s age and swimming experience, as this will help to ensure they are placed in an appropriate class.  If there is a space available in your requested class, then we will send you a booking form.  This should be completed and returned, along with payment by the agreed date to confirm your child’s place in the class.

1 to 1 or 1 to 2 lessons may be available on request.

09.05     Level 1 (P1-P3)
09.35     Adult & Pre-School (3-5yr)
10.10     Level 2 (P1-P3)
10.40     Level 3 (P1-P3)
11.10     Level 1 (P1-P3)

13.00     Adult & Baby 3
13.30     Adult & Baby 1 (3-6mth)
14.00     Adult & Baby 1 (6-9mth)
14.30     Adult & Pre-School (3-5yr)
15.00     Adult & Toddler (12-24mth)
15.30     Adult & Toddler (24-36mth)

10.10     Adult & Toddler (12-24mth)
10.40     Adult & Pre-School (3-5yr)
11.10     Pre-School (4-5yr)
13.15     Adult (Female)
15.40     Level 1 (P1-P3)
16.10     Level 2 (P1-P3)
16.40     Level 3 (P1-P3)

10.30     Adult (Female)
11.15     Adult (Female)
13.30     Adult & Toddler (12-24mth)
14.00     Adult & Pre-School (3-5yr)
15.30     Pre-School (4-5yr)
16.00     Level 2 (P1-P3)
16.30     Level 1/2 (8yr+)
17.00     Level 1 (P1-P3)

Private Hire

Are you interested in having a pool party to celebrate your child’s birthday, or you would just like to book the pool for a family swim?  Whatever your needs, our learner pool is available for private hire.  Please contact us – swimming@govanhillbaths.com – for further details and to check if the date you need is free.  If required, we also have other rooms available for private hire, for example, a party room for after the swim.

Please note: for all private hire, the maximum number of people in the pool is 8, whether adults or children.