Photo of Govanhill at the turn of the centuary

The Baths is Opened

On the 3rd of July 1914 the Lord Provost of Glasgow, Sir Daniel Macaulay Stevenson, opened the Govanhill pool in Calder Street, Glasgow.


Recently Completed baths


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Govanhill Baths Diving Team

Wartime Mortuary

During the war, a huge number of dead after bombings led the Copr tpo ise the pool as a make shift mortuary


Photo of ladies at the Steamie, Partick


There was also a wash-house or "steamie" at the rear of the building, which was converted to a launderette in 1971.


Govanhill baths interior photo taken many years ago


The washhouse was converted to a launderette in 1971 and became a gym.


Govanhill baths interior photo taken many years ago


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Govanhill baths interior photo taken many years ago


In 2001, Glasgow Council decides that Govanhill doesn't need a pool and washhouse so closes Govanhill Baths


With such a rich history, there is so much that can be said about Govanhill Baths. Take a quick look at the timeline above and you get a few surprises. For a detailed look at the history of the baths explore this history of Govanhill Baths using the links to the side.

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